You are your most important resource.  We annually offer this simple self-care assessment tool to help get the new year off to a great start.


__ I am well loved

__ I get my RDA of hugs and close physical contact

__ I play regularly

__ I smile and laugh regularly

__ I have fun in my life

__ I give myself permission to cry occasionally

__ I express anger appropriately

__ I have frequent periods of recreation


__ My life has meaning

__ I am aware of my ultimate concern in life

__ I regularly take time to commune with nature and/or a high being

__ I regularly take time to enjoy beauty in all its forms (music, art, rainbows, sunsets)

__ I take time to express my creativity

__ I have a core belief that organizes my life

__ I regularly take time for introspection (who I am, where I’ve been, where I am going and why)


__ I avoid over-scheduling my time

__ I have regular quiet time and energy resources

__ I have regular periods of non-productivity

__ I take time to think about unsatisfactory areas of my life

__ I am aware of my personal goals

__ I talk gently to myself

__ I freely admit my limitations to myself


__ I am assertive in expressing my own needs

__ It is ok to express my limitations to others

__ I have enough time to be with friends and family

__ I have established a good “support system” at work

__ I can say “no” without undue guilt

__ I spend time alone when I feel the need

__I ask for help when I need it

__ I avoid continually comparing myself to other people to see if I am measuring up


__ I exercise regularly

__ I get enough rest

__ My sleep is peaceful and restful

__ I avoid using caffeine to “keep myself going”

__ I avoid drinking too much alcohol or other drugs to escape pressure

__ I have adequate time to maintain my physical appearance

__ I eat regular, well balanced meals

__ I get enough sleep

__ I feel well rested in the morning

__ I avoid junk food for energy boosts or self rewards

__ I avoid smoking as a coping mechanism