Are you a Willing Spirit?

What’s your legacy?

“Advancing the well-being of individuals and

communities where healthcare meets the human spirit.”


Our chaplains provide spiritual care to the patients, families and staff of Stroger Hospital of Cook County, with costs borne by Bishop Anderson House.


Our flagship Spiritual Care Visitor Training is offered online, and complemented with continuing education workshops for graduates. As adjunct CPE faculty, The Rev. Tommy Rogers supervises chaplaincy training at Rush University Medical Center.

Social Responsibility & Racial Justice

As healers and caregivers we are committed to continue our work dismantling racism and discrimination wherever we find it and to foster and protect the dignity and worth of every human being.

Spirituality & Wellness

Bishop Anderson House provides self-care and stress relieving events for medical personnel to combat burn-out and alleviate compassion fatigue.

Latest Updates

  • Survival, Development & Transformation

    By The Rev. Thomas S. Rogers, III On May 18, the Bishop Anderson House staff had a retreat where we looked at where we are at right now with COVID-19 and all that is going on in the world.  We did this by shifting our thinking from cause and effect (A + B = C) to systems thinking – taking …Read More »
  • Announcing Rev. Dr. Ebony D. Only

    One of the things that happens in many organizations is a group will engage a topic like bringing in an outside speaker or read a book, but when the board at Bishop Anderson House engaged social responsibility and racial justice they had an action step: hiring a community-based chaplain to facilitate relationship and community building through the provision of spiritual, emotional, …Read More »
  • Backpacks for Burn Patients