Campaign for the Next 70 Years

Our bold new vision of hybrid spiritual care visitor education combining in-person classes with online training will become a reality. Named the Ron Valentine Spiritual Care Visitor Training Center, we can move towards equipping thousands of people from across the nation in the art of spiritual care visiting.

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Our Mission

“Advancing the well-being of individuals and communities where healthcare meets the human spirit.”

Our mission is to provide spiritual care to the patients, families and staff of Stroger Cook County Hospital and The Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center. Chaplains Micheal Smith and Matt Seeds are the Professional Chaplains serving at Stroger, in particular in the Trauma and Burn Units. Chaplain Jim Croegaert (shown here) is the Professional Chaplain seeing patients at the CORE Center of Cook County.

Each year, Bishop Anderson House educates and trains students from all over Chicagoland in the art of providing spiritual care on a volunteer basis. Our alumni work in their parishes, their communities, and in other organizations to support the spiritual needs of so many. Learn more about our program, or apply today!

Bishop Anderson is proud to provide self-care events for staff and patients throughout the Illinois Medical District. Learn more about what we do here.

Latest Updates

  • Help us on Giving Tuesday

    Create a Giving Tuesday fundraiser to support the work of Bishop Anderson House! All funds raised between 7 and 10am EST on November 27th will be matched. Exciting, right? Your generous gifts go to provide spiritual care training and inter-faith chaplaincy to communities throughout Chicago- with special focus on Stroger Cook County Hospital. This hospital is on the front lines …Read More »
  • Sneak Peek

    2018 Newsletter Watch your mailbox for our Annual Report and end of year newsletter! Not on our mailing list? Contact Ann at aryba@bishopandersonhouse.org.  Read More »
  • A Visit From Chaplain Jim

    Three people in the grip of serious addiction, two dealing with heroin, one with alcohol.  All dealing also with HIV.  One is receiving methadone treatment at the hospital, hoping to transition to a residential facility where she can get the help and support needed to stay off the street and away from the cycle that has repeatedly drawn her in.  I listen and …Read More »