Campaign for the Next 70 Years

Our bold new vision of hybrid spiritual care visitor education combining in-person classes with online training will become a reality. Named the Ron Valentine Spiritual Care Visitor Training Center, we can move towards equipping thousands of people from across the nation in the art of spiritual care visiting.

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Our Mission

“Advancing the well-being of individuals and communities where healthcare meets the human spirit.”

We have two professional chaplains who provide services to patients and families of Stroger Cook County Hospital and The Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center.

Each year, Bishop Anderson House educates and trains students from all over Chicagoland in the art of providing spiritual care on a volunteer basis. Our alumni work in their parishes, their communities, and in other organizations to support the spiritual needs of so many. Learn more about our program, or apply today!

Bishop Anderson is proud to provide self-care events for staff and patients throughout the Illinois Medical District. Learn more about what we do here.

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