We invite you to become a part of Spiritual Care Visitor Training

Participants gather for an innovative retreat which includes a time of spiritual reflection, followed by workshops that explore how to be an “active listener” and the particular concerns of providing spiritual care with those who are dying.

The program continues as each participant will be offered a set of 7 online modules to take at his or her own pace. The online modules are recorded, live presentations by seasoned practitioners from a variety of disciplines.

An integral part of the program is providing 2 hours per week of spiritual care in a self-selected site (a congregation, nursing home, or hospital are a few options). Participants are required to be supervised by their faith community leader or a professional in the field.

To facilitate further learning and growth, a monthly online-chat will be offered for participants to process the modules and to ask questions that may arise from spiritual care visits.

For 2023 only, the regular tuition of $325 is being waived due to a generous foundation grant. Each applicant will still pay the $50 non-refundable application fee for a background check to be successfully completed prior to acceptance into the training program.

Please watch for 2024 Retreat Dates to be posted.

For more information and questions,

contact Kim Lessner at 312-563-4825 or Kim_Lessner@rush.edu.