Spiritual Care Visitor Training is geared towards individuals who want to learn the art of being a healing presence through basic skills of active listening. Other topics covered provide skills needed in the role of a spiritual care visitor versus a professional chaplain or faith community leader.

The intended audience for Spiritual Care Visitor Training is that person who wishes to enhance their spiritual care skills by learning how to support members of their faith community in times of transition and change. These learned skills can also be applied to different volunteer opportunities at nursing homes, hospice centers and hospitals. Graduates have found it to be very empowering and a very meaningful way to increase their capacity to care for others.

Participants gather for an innovative retreat which will include a time of spiritual reflection, followed by workshops that will explore how to be an “active listener”, talk about advance directives as well as grief and loss.  This is followed by a series of 9 online modules and active, mentored participation in field work serving in a pastoral care role.

For 2024, the regular tuition of $325 is being waived due to a generous foundation grant.  Students will only have to pay a $75 non-refundable registration fee for the background check.  Class size is limited to 20 students.

For more information and questions, contact Kim Lessner at 312-563-4825 or Kim_Lessner@rush.edu.