Community Chaplain

For local nonprofits and individual clergy, especially those serving disenfranchised populations, the community chaplain travels from location to location throughout the community providing spiritual care to clergy and caregivers seeking its service.  The chaplain provides a ministry presence, brings a listening ear, offers spiritual accompaniment and provides practical tools to persons as they rebuild, replenish and/or reclaim themselves by offering:

  • Resilience Tools – workshops, monthly resilience calendar and wellness offerings
  • Coaching – Set and achieve goals around issues of self-care, emotional health, relationships, career, education and leadership
  • Spiritual Care & Accompaniment – pre-marital preparation, post marital coaching, grief support, spiritual accompaniment and referrals
  • Spiritual Care Visitor Training – onsite or online 8-week program to train those who would be responsible in your community to visit those in need of support and accompaniment

In 2022, the community chaplain delivered the following workshops and webinars:

  • The Trauma of Resilience
  • The Grief of COVID
  • It’s Not Yet Well With My Soul: Good Grief
  • Self-Care: A Practical Intervention
  • Radical Self-Care is a Liberative Requirement
  • 9 Types for Spiritual Leaders:  A Reflective Look
  • DiSC for Clergy and Faith Leaders:  Communicating Better
  • Pre-Marital Preparation 4-6 weeks
  • Spiritual Care Visitor Training 8 weeks

*Workshops and webinars can also be developed based on objective and needs assessment

Our community chaplain publishes a monthly affirmation calendar and has offered coaching and individual spiritual accompaniment to over 60 community members including discharged patients from hospitals in the medical district, not-for-profit leaders, faith leaders, clergy and community members.

To request a virtual visit, chaplain services and/or a workshop, webinar or retreat, please click here.