Recently we were honored to give our partners at Project Connect a space of peace for their grief and stress as they care for folks living, and dying, with HIV/AIDS at the CORE Center.  Chaplain Jim read this lovely reflection about chaplaincy at a memorial service held in our comforting office space.

During the early hours of the morning, I attended to the needs of a terminally ill gentleman and mentioned to him that it hard started to snow. In a very weak voice he said, “I would so like to touch the snow once more.”

The snow continued to fall through the night. At 4:30 a.m., I took a tray outside, collected a mound of snow and took it to his room. He was awake and when I told him I had brought him snow to touch, he smiled. I covered the bed linen and placed the tray on his bed. He reached into the snow, picked up a handful and slowly rubbed it across his face, neck, forehead and lips. He then closed his hand and held the snow until it melted.

I stood and watched; there was such a sense of peace about him. I felt very happy that I was able to fulfill his wish.

Less than two days later, he passed away. I believe that in the future, whenever it snows, the memory of him holding snow in his hand will come to me.

Sandra Greggo, Chaplain in Hockessin, DE

From Sacred Stories