“Equitably Caring for the Human Spirit”


  • Providing full-time professional chaplaincy to John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County
  • Part-time chaplain at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County for Women and Children


  • Spiritual Care Visitor Training (SCVT)
  • Continuing education for alumni of SCVT
  • Offering community-based Clinical Pastoral Education courses
  • Clinical Pastoral Education faculty at RUSH University Medical Center

Social Responsibility & Racial Justice

  • A part-time community chaplain working to build relationships with 14 congregations on the near West Side
  • Drive the initiatives of the 2020 Social Responsibility and Racial Justice statement forward
  • Work in these proposed 4 focus areas:
    • Healthcare Equity
    • Disavow White Supremacy
    • Unconscious Bias Training
    • Establish Community-based chaplains

Spirituality & Wellness

  • Providing self–care opportunities for medical staff in the Illinois Medical District
  • Webinars, retreats and workshops for caregivers
  • Hosting support groups for those who have experienced loss
  • Providing a welcoming space for Bereavement Groups, CPE classes and local community organizations