Presented by Bishop Anderson House and the Department of Religion and Health at Rush University
Resources for congregational clergy, pastoral care givers and chaplains

Overcoming the Tragic: 
Applying Biblical Narratives to Wellness

An open webinar  
Thursday, August 28, 2014 
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Central (CDT)   (1.5 CE hours) 
Bishop Anderson House
707 S. Wood Street, Suite 101, Chicago, IL  60612
Call Eleanor at Dept of Religion, Health and Human Values at Rush University to register:  312-942-5571 (space is limited to first 25 registrants)
About the webinar, presented by APC and based on a program funded by the Fulbright and the John Templeton Foundations: 
“Chaplains and congregational clergy work day-to-day with people in despair, caused often by breakdowns in their meaning structures occasioned by trauma of various kinds, such as loss of health, fortune, career or family.  Such traumas are also experienced in many biblical stories that can be used to assist people in overcoming trauma and progress from being a victim to survivor to “thriver.”  
Our approach provides a link between positive psychology and biblical narratives.  This program treats biblical narratives as psychosocial models for support, therapy, and counseling. It is thus aimed at applying biblical psychosocial wisdom to everyday life for religious and secular alike.”