Foundations in medicine

Founding Executive Director of Bishop Anderson House Fr. Richard Young had a vision for Bishop Anderson House in 1950–that it would be a place of spiritual support to the young graduate students in the medical colleges, the nursing schools, the dental schools and other graduate education departments of the Illinois Medical District.

Spiritual and physical needs

That vision is carried on today by the staff of Bishop Anderson House who teach the importance of treating the spiritual as well as the physical needs of patients.  Presenting Grand Rounds in hospitals, teaching ethics in a medical school, offering seminars and bringing speakers prominent in their fields to Chicago from around the world- these are all examples of this ministry to the next generation of medical leaders made possible through Bishop Anderson House.

Bishop Anderson House sponsors medical experts

A renowned surgeon from The People’s Republic of Congo, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, a leading researcher in spiritual struggle and health, a US trained physician who has developed the AIDS intervention program in Kenya, the US Surgeon General–these are some of the extraordinary people of faith that have engaged the students and clinicians of the Medical District in conversation .

The future

Richard Young’s vision of a Canterbury House for graduate students lives today, and there is more we’d like to do.  Imagine a time when every medical school has a chaplain on staff.  Something to dream about…and maybe work towards.