The recent Sharing Our Elders’ Journey workshop focused on understanding the needs of our elders and pastoral care techniques that can help us “be” with our senior friends and our parents in a more effective manner.  The 25 participants were all involved in or interested in caring for seniors.

Offering presentations on the unique needs of elders, non-verbal communication, hospice, and leading senior group ministry, the workshop was led by presenters familiar with the pastoral care of seniors.

Of particular note, 6 graduates of the Volunteer Chaplain Training Course shared their experiences and expertise. These graduates, Chris Moore, Tony Dobrowolski, and Deacons Tom Craighead, Ron Valentine, and Newt Carpenter all serve as Volunteer Chaplains; Laurie Michaels is a Deacon on the staff of Bishop Anderson House. We are also grateful to Bud Upshaw for his unique presentation on Active Listening.

Thanks to staff and congregation of St Mary’s Episcopal Church, Crystal Lake for requesting and hosting this event.  Similar workshops will be offered in the spring and fall of 2014.  Please go to the request a workshop page to request a workshop at your site.