Still caring–but from home!

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All of us at Bishop Anderson House have been appreciative of the calls and e-mails supporting our work during this time of uncertainty with COVID-19. As most of you know, we are housed on the campus of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and we follow their lead. We are allowing staff that want to work from home remotely to do so. We are also canceling upcoming events and will be in touch about rescheduling them. Namely, our April 4 event “From Friendly Visits to Pastoral Conversations” and our Spring Benefit “Healing One, Healing the World” May 17. We will [...]

Spiritual Care Week Focus–Caring for Hospital Staff

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The work days are long, and the tasks are intense, but everyone at the CORE Center of Cook County gives 110% day after day to ensure the highest quality care for people living with infections diseases. This year, to celebrate National Spiritual Care Week, Bishop Anderson House is partnering with CORE to present "A Day of Remembrance." Staff members and clients will take time to remember, honor and process the deaths of patients and staff members through the past year. Chaplain Jim will provide music during a time of quiet and reflection, and we will give space for learning about [...]

Welcoming Deacon Rose Cicero

By |2019-09-24T10:09:49-05:00August 13th, 2019|Bishop Anderson House|

She dipped her toe in the waters of pastoral care by taking Spiritual Care Visitor Training, and then went even deeper by taking a unit of our Community Based Clinical Education. Now Deacon Rose Cicero is diving in to her call to serve by joining our Bishop Anderson House staff as part-time chaplain. Rose will serve as a representative of Dianna’s Teddy Bear Ministry. She says “I am looking forward to joining the Bishop Anderson House staff in providing spiritual and emotional care to patients. I have a deep desire to bring support, healing and comfort to those most in [...]

A Chaplain’s Spirit is Revived

By |2019-01-24T12:53:18-06:00January 24th, 2019|Bishop Anderson House|

A chaplain's vocation brings a wide array of experiences and recently Chaplain Micheal shared two stories that revived his spirit as a chaplain. In the morning, he encountered a young girl who was adamant that the nurse was not going to stick her with a needle, as crucial as that was to her good health. Knowing of our Teddy Bears, the nurse asked for one, and Micheal scurried to bring one to the young patient.  The youngster delightedly grabbed Teddy with one arm and the needle stick happened in the other arm. A win win for all! Later in the day, a [...]

Why Giving Tuesday?

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From Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday 2019, over $15 billion dollars will whoosh out of pocketbooks and into retailers’ bank accounts. Giving Tuesday promotes the idea that some of the spending that we all participate in should benefit charities. Imagine if $15 billion showed up in the ledgers of non-profits across the country and you are imagining what Giving Tuesday could be. Every single chaplain visit, training course, wellness event, teddy bear, support group, retreat, hug, prayer, smile provided by Bishop Anderson House costs money. And we rely not on hospital budgets or government funding to supply these services. We [...]

A House is a Home

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Once upon a time, 70 years ago, our agency began it's ministry in a beautiful brownstone House, located near what was then St. Luke's Presbyterian Hospital. This year we were fortunate to meet several friends who had attended dinners and classes in that House. It founded as a sanctuary for medical and nursing students to sort out the place of spirituality in the medical world. Now our House and Home are located on the campus of Rush University Medical did we get here? As the hospital expanded in the 1960's, our House was purchased, and in return, Bishop Anderson [...]

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