Healing One–Healing the World

Join us for for our spring benefit, Healing One--Healing the World Chicago Cultural Center, Sunday, May 19, 2019 Please join us from 5 to 8 p.m. for cocktails, dining, and to honor two very special guests, Dr. Toyin Falusi Adeyemi and Rev. David O. Kyllo. Featuring our beloved Wine and Spirits Pull Another maginificent silent auction includes 3 hour cruise on Lake Michigan, 4 fantastic Cubs tickets, Jim Beam party basket, $100 Happy Hour at Porters on the River and more! Tickets on sale through May 9:  $150.00 per person.    

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Symposium for Spiritual Care Providers

THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 2019 8:30 AM—3:30 PM Register now for an exciting Art of Healing workshop for Spiritual Care Providers--a collaboration between RUSH University Medical Center Department of Religion, Health & Human Values and Edward-Elmhurst Health Department of Spiritual Care. Click for more information.

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Community Based CPE

On March 18 our second community-based clinical pastoral education group in partnership with Rush University Medical Center graduated! These five amazing women did 300 hours of ministry over six months in Hyde Park, the Southside of Chicago, and Rogers Park neighborhoods extending the love, care, and concern of God throughout their spiritual care. It was a joy to be part of their journey and we look forward to seeing what they are up to next transforming their communities! Our next group begins September 23, 2019 and information is available at https://www.bishopandersonhouse.org/community-based-clinic…/

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A Chaplain’s Spirit is Revived

A chaplain's vocation brings a wide array of experiences and recently Chaplain Micheal shared two stories that revived his spirit as a chaplain. In the morning, he encountered a young girl who was adamant that the nurse was not going to stick her with a needle, as crucial as that was to her good health. Knowing of our Teddy Bears, the nurse asked for one, and Micheal scurried to bring one to the young patient.  The youngster delightedly grabbed Teddy with one arm and the needle stick happened in the other arm. A win win for all! Later in the day, a [...]

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New Beginnings for Our Signature Spiritual Care Visitor Training

For many years we at Bishop Anderson House have dreamed of a way to reach more people with our invaluable pastoral care training. Now, thanks to a generous cadre of donors, the Ron Valentine Spiritual Care Visitor Training program is poised to go online so that more churches and individuals can participate.  Students will gather for a one day workshop which touches on the most important pieces of the curriculum, in particular, Active Listening. Then, each student, at his or her own pace, will take a set of 8 online units; each class concludes with a test that must be [...]

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A House is a Home

Once upon a time, 70 years ago, our agency began it's ministry in a beautiful brownstone House, located near what was then St. Luke's Presbyterian Hospital. This year we were fortunate to meet several friends who had attended dinners and classes in that House. It founded as a sanctuary for medical and nursing students to sort out the place of spirituality in the medical world. Now our House and Home are located on the campus of Rush University Medical Center...how did we get here? As the hospital expanded in the 1960's, our House was purchased, and in return, Bishop Anderson [...]

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A Visit From Chaplain Jim

Three people in the grip of serious addiction, two dealing with heroin, one with alcohol.  All dealing also with HIV.  One is receiving methadone treatment at the hospital, hoping to transition to a residential facility where she can get the help and support needed to stay off the street and away from the cycle that has repeatedly drawn her in.  I listen and we talk about her strengths and weaknesses, what works for her, what works against her.  She wears a mask (I do too) but when she talks about her resilience her eyes smile in a beautiful way above the mask.  We talk about [...]

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Not one, but TWO new Chaplains

Thanks to donor support and board member passion, we were able to double our capacity at Stroger this month We are thrilled to introduce you to Matt Seeds and Micheal Smith, our two new chaplains at Stroger Hospital. Matt and Micheal started this week and they will be providing more coverage in the Cook County Hospital Trauma and Critical Care Units than ever before offered. Matt hails from Pennsylvania and has been working as a chaplain and manager of spiritual care over three continuing care retirement facilities (there were 26 communities in total that were part of this system).  He completed his [...]

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