Bishop Anderson House and Rush University’s Department of Religion, Health, and Human Values (RHHV) are excited to announce the publication of “[The Pretty Good, Comprehensive-ish] Book of Prayer for Chaplain’s [and Scriptures, too]”. Our Julian Intern, Cate Anthony, compiled and designed the book in collaboration with Zac Willette, Staff Chaplain at Rush University, and Gary Wilson, ACPE Supervisory Candidate at Rush. Bishop Anderson plans to publish the book for the use of our Volunteer Lay Chaplain’s Training Program graduates, while RHHV will provide the book for their CPE interns and residents.

We at BAH recognize that our graduates often visit people not of the same faith tradition as their own. To this end, The Chaplain’s Book of Prayer offers a basic prayers from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and spiritual traditions, as well as providing a reference for key scriptures from each of these religions. Overall, the booklet is meant to bolster the already impressive skills of our graduates and expand each person’s library of prayers and spiritual resources.

You can find a link to a web-compatible PDF of the Book of Prayer here. If you would like a pocket friendly hard copy for use during pastoral visits, please contact Cate Anthony at 312-563-4822 or