Rush Hospital is striving to improve the health needs of the neighborhoods it serves, as made evident in their new mission statement: “improving the health of individuals and communities we serve.” By expanding their vision outward towards the community Rush is expanding their impact. The life expectancy for west-side neighbors is less than 69 years, compared to 85 years only a few miles away in the Loop.

From April 2016 to November 2016, Bishop Anderson House staff and trustees spent time considering our programs, priorities and resources, and how those factors all affect the impact we have. It was decided that our mission statement also needed an update. After much conversation, BAH had a new mission statement: “Advancing the well-being of individuals and communities where health care meets the human spirit.”

The intersection of the Rush and BAH mission statements lies in the desire to impact the community positively. As we fix our efforts on the communities we serve, we begin to heal our city from the inside out- both the body and the soul.

Bishop Anderson House is proud to have created a mission statement that mirrors the priorities of others in our field,  and one that is so important to the health of our communities. Together with Rush, and all hospitals and parishes we serve, may we spread health and wellness beyond the walls of our “house,” as we look outward and beyond.


You can learn more about Rush’s new mission statement by clicking here.