Partnering with Episcopal Charities and Community Services

For over 50 years, Bishop Anderson House has been affiliated with Episcopal Charities and Community Services in the Diocese of Chicago. In 1957 the first “United Episcopal Charities Appeal” raised $37,000 as a result of a consolidated appeal for funding to support the work of eight partner agencies, and ECCS has been a major supporter of BAH ever since. Every year since its founding in 1960, Episcopal Charities makes annual grants to ministry partners. These grants are especially valued because they are for general operating support, providing the resources agencies use to ensure excellence in their ministries. The average grant [...]

April newsletter: celebration and reflection

Click for: Catch the Fiesta Spirit update; Cate Anthony CPE reflection, Warren Barr photos, and news about the 2015 Fall Volunteer Chaplain Training Program.

We Welcome Julian Intern Cate Anthony

We are delighted to welcome Cate Anthony to Bishop Anderson House. Cate is very excited to be here in Chicago with the Julian Year, the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago’s Service Corps program. Cate is a Delawarean who recently moved to the Chicago area by way of Montreal, where she recently completed a Bachelor of Theology at McGill University. (No, sadly, she does not speak any French! She can, however, do a wonderful Canadian accent, eh?) Cate also in active discernment for Holy Orders in the Diocese of Delaware. It is Cate's hope that her time at Bishop Anderson will provide [...]

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Reflections on love and listening

“The first duty of love is to listen.” - Paul Tillich The concept, if not the practice, of love is foundational in most, if not all, religious and spiritual traditions. As a Buddhist living and working in a predominantly Christian environment this past year, love has been a point of connection and a place of common ground. So, what does it mean to practice love? I began my internship at Bishop Anderson House 10 months ago as a Julian Year Chaplain Intern.  As a Julian, I live in an intentional community founded on principles of respect, compassion, and social justice. [...]

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Welcome back from CPE, Sara!

On Ash Wednesday, I walk my unit at Rush Hospital in my lab coat, my right hand slowly turning gray as I smudge ash onto foreheads and sanitize between rooms. I go to the room of Claudia,* who told me yesterday that she has decided to stop chemotherapy. She is tired and ready to go home to God. Her face lights up when I enter with a small jar of ashes. I place the sign of the cross on her forehead with one hand as she squeezes my other hand in hers. “Remember that you are dust, and to dust [...]

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Farewell to a fine intern

Kate Siberine has spent the past 11 months serving as our Julian Year intern at Bishop Anderson House.  We bid Kate a fond, albeit sad, farewell as she moves east to pursue her Masters of Divinity at Virginia Theological Seminary. Kate's abiding faith, deep dedication to chaplaincy and technological skills have served our mission well.  While working with us, she served as a chaplain in the Chemotherapy Outpatient Clinic at Stroger Hospital and also assisted with the Rush University team of chaplains. Kate worked diligently to improve our online presence, and her "Sharing the Stories" video project can be found [...]

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