On May 6th we officially kicked our Campaign for the Next 70 Years.  At The Art of Healing benefit, Executive Director Tommy Rogers proclaimed that  Bishop Anderson House has set a goal of raising $1.75 million over the next 3 years–and generous donors have already pledged $600,000. We are building a financial base to ensure that we can provide Chaplaincy, Education and Spirituality and Wellness through the end of this century.

Our bold new vision of hybrid spiritual care visitor education combining in-person classes with online training will become a reality. Named the Ron Valentine Spiritual Care Visitor Training Center, we can move towards equipping thousands of people from across the nation in the art of spiritual care visiting.

And the Bishop James Montgomery Endowed Fund for Chaplaincy will ensure that increased numbers of professional chaplains can serve Stroger Hospital of Cook County. Unlike most major hospitals, Stroger currently has no pastoral care department–our dream is to insure anyone who requests a chaplain will be served.

There are so many ways we can grow–won’t you be a part of taking us into 2020 and beyond? Get the full story at our  “Campaign for the Next 70 Years” tab.

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