As we live into the reality of global connectedness during this COVID19 pandemic, we seek to embrace strategies for building solid mental health and resilience for all, so that all may be healed in spirit.

Bishop Anderson House Board Member Rabbi Yaacov Dvorin explains the meaning of Tikun Olam.

“We find the story of Creation in the Torah, (what Christians refer to as the Old Testament) featuring the creation of the first human being, the creation of Adam. That raises the question of ‘why did G-d create the world with just ONE person’, as opposed to creating a world with a full civilization, a full population, which certainly was possible, within the capabilities of an omnipotent G-d.

The answer is taught that G-d created humankind with just the creation of just ONE human being to teach us the eternal lesson that, at that moment, the entire world included just ONE PERSON. Therefore, the world was represented by just one person.

We learn from this that when we heal ONE person, we are effectively healing the ENTIRE world since, at the time of creation, the entire world was made up of exactly ONE PERSON. Therefore, when we provide healing, comfort, and support to ONE person, we are ostensibly ‘healing the world.’