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The ALIVE! Project

In the Summer of 2017, Bishop Anderson House partners with the ALIVE! Project to offer the Spiritual Care Visitors curriculum specifically tailored to meet the needs of pastors and congregations on the Near West Side of Chicago. 

We are partnering with the ALIVE! project at Rush to offer a version of our spiritual care visitor training program appropriate to the context in the hopes that this collaboration will allow us to pursue grant funding to fund further groups after this pilot project.  We are seeking to get input from students on the curriculum and to measure the impact our spiritual care visitors have on a faith community.  The hypothesis is that once some lay leaders are trained in the art of spiritual care that it will strengthen the well-being of these churches and lessen the stress on the senior pastor since more people can engage in spiritual care.

The Mission of ALIVE!
The mission of the ALIVE! Research Partnership is to partner with the African American church community to design and develop a program to build healthy lifestyles within the congregations of the five African American churches and reduce the burden of chronic disease in our communities.

The Vision of ALIVE!
The vision of the ALIVE! Research Partnership is to expand concepts of wholeness in the African American church to incorporate physical wellness and healthy lifestyle in order to reduce the disproportionately high rate of chronic illness and disability among African Americans.