For many years we at Bishop Anderson House have dreamed of a way to reach more people with our invaluable pastoral care training. Now, thanks to a generous cadre of donors, the Ron Valentine Spiritual Care Visitor Training program is poised to go online so that more churches and individuals can participate.  Students will gather for a one day workshop which touches on the most important pieces of the curriculum, in particular, Active Listening. Then, each student, at his or her own pace, will take a set of 8 online units; each class concludes with a test that must be passed before students can proceed to the next class. Students are still supervised by their faith community leader or professional chaplain, and still must complete 2 hours per week of field work in a self-selected site (in their congregation, or a nursing home, or hospital etc.)

The inaugural one day workshop will be held in Rockford Illinois, in April of 2019, followed by a summer unit workshop hosted in Wrigleyville, and a fall unit targeting Peoria.