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Continuing Education for Spiritual Care Visitors

Knowing that providing spiritual care to others can be taxing on the caregiver, we offer continuing education opportunities throughout the year.

We’re proud to present Kristine Cichowski’s workshop, POWER TO CARE, on March 10,2018. This workshop is open to all Spiritual Care Visitor alumni and current students, free of charge.

Saturday, March 10, 2018 – 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
St. James Cathedral – 65 E. Huron, Chicago, IL 60611
312.563.4824 or

Email registration is required.

Medical advancements have extended life-expectancy significantly with many caregiving responsibilities falling upon unprepared family members. As personal and work responsibilities expand and long-distant family relations become the norm, it becomes ever more important to create communities of support. Lay clergy and community faith leaders have a unique opportunity to serve as first responders to this rising population. Join this interactive workshop to increase your resource knowledge and skill in family caregiving. Topics discussed will include:

  • Options for supportive home care, ways to identify needs for help, and strategies for communicating with family members.
  • Key information to support your ability to communicate and advocate effectively for a parent, significant other, or yourself when unexpected change occurs.
  • Ways to make outings, casual visits, and daily routines meaningful and comfortable for all involved.
  • Strategies to expand your support network so you have greater access to people, places, and resources.

As founding director of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago LIFE Center (now known as the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab), Kristine Cichowski developed a premier multimedia health education center and web portal for people with physical disabilities, their families, health professionals, and the community. As CEO of Power To Be, Kristine Cichowski consults with profit and non-profit organizations to enable self-determination, goal achievement, and active community participation.

Visit or contact Kristine at 847.951.3365 to create an empowerment experience for your team.

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